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  • Wild Fabrik

    UAE’s largest collection of sustainable home, fashion, kids, beauty and lifestyle items under one roof. To say that we are nature lovers at WILD FABRIK would be an understat...read more

    5.00 out of 5

  • House Babylon

    Conscious by design. Transparent by price. Our bedding and lifestyle collection has been cultivated with care, giving you access to enduring pieces and ageless designs. We are th...read more

  • Cucumber Clothing

    Cucumber’s goal has always been to merge ethics and aesthetics. We are proud of Cucumber and proud of every single person and process behind it. We will never claim to be per...read more

  • NOWA Jeans

    Hello! We are NOWA Jeans, a denim brand based in Portugal, born from the desire to find a solution to one of the biggest ecological problems - pre-consumer textile leftovers - fr...read more

  • Veom Active

    We are London-based creative environmentalists that love fashion but firmly believe in recycling, renovating and pure living. VEOM involves up-to-the-minute fabulously unique print...read more

  • Iron Roots

    Iron Roots© was founded in 2017 by friends that were fed up with the fact that more than 90% of all sportswear is made from plastics. When we started to look for alternatives, we ...read more

  • Nous + Nola

    Welcome to Nous & Nola – home of unique goods, curated for you and your pet's lifestyle. To know the brand is to know the founder, Christina Noussis; an admirer of beauty,...read more

  • Olly Lingerie

    At Olly, we imagine and design ethical and eco-friendly lingerie, - perfect to feel pretty without destroying the planet! AT OLLY WE USE ORGANIC COTTON ! Our organic cotton is ...read more

  • The ACE BAG

    ACE was created with the willingness to offer women a "sporty chic" and functional bag to carry throughout the day without compromising the environment.  From friends and our...read more

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