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Triangle Buckwheat Meditation Pillow

395.00 AED

Take a seat and enjoy a quiet moment. Our Triangle Meditation Pillow will improve your posture by raising the hips and finding alignment along the spine.

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SAINE - the recently in Dubai founded luxury eco brand focusses on yoga and wellness products to uplift your experience.

All our products are made of natural ingredients and fabrics only to provide you closeness to nature. Each product is hand-made in Dubai and therefore unique.

Our fabrics and Ingredients are of Organic European standards wrapped in minimalistic packaging only to safe our planet.


Buckwheat hulls have been used for meditation pillows for centuries as they conform to our body’s shape whilst giving excellent support. They are naturally antibacterial and resistant to mould.

The inner pillow is washable and adjustable to fit your body’s needs.

Enjoy your personal SAINE experience.

Material: 100% pure cotton filled with organic buckwheat

Size: 37 x 44 x 10cm | 2kg

Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 37 x 44 x 10 cm
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