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Sayu Pink Brazillian Panties

175.00 AED

These high-cut Brazilian-style briefs are ideal for days with a slight menstrual flow, or for a feeling of safety; they are a perfectly adequate substitute for panty liners. The loose bands and the lace-only parts on the buttocks ensure that the panties won’t show underneath clothing. The functional pad is arc-shaped on the front side.

Sayu - Luxurious period panties that wrap you in a cloud of comfort whilst being highly absorbent.

Proudly produced in the Czech Republic, blending traditional and innovative techniques. Our panties are chemical free and more ecological and economical than traditional mensuration products.

Made from museling free merino wool, meaning that the merino sheep have been looked after by their farmer both mentally and physically, obtaining their wool in an ethical way.


The inner layer which touches the skin is made of the softest merino wool, having antibacterial effects and giving a feeling of dryness. Merino fibers absorb up to 30% of their volume in humidity, which is why the knitted wool layer can handle slight bleeding or spotting. or serve as a fuse when using a tampon or cup. The impermeable membrane underneath the functional pad reliably protects you from leaks.
The elastic bands will shrink after the first few washes – keep this in mind when trying on your new and unwashed panties for fit. Our advice is to follow the guidance in our size chart; feel free to use the contact form to approach us if you still feel unsure.
Inner layers:

    100% merino wool – mulesing free

  • made in Czech Republic
  • bluesign
  • Class II Standard 100 Oekotex certification
    85 % bamboo viscose, 15 % polyester

  • made in Czech Republic
  • Class I Standard 100 Oekotex certification
    100 % polyurethane

  • made in Czech Republic

Outer layers:

    80 % polyamide, 20 % elastane

  • made in Italy
  • Class II Standard 100 Oekotex certification
    73% polyamide, 20.5% elastane, 6.5% viscose

  • Made in Germany
  • Class II Standard 100 Oekotex certification

Product Care
Wash before the first use this step cannot be skipped, as it activates the absorptive power of your panties. We recommend a machine run at 40?C, with the spin cycle speed set at a maximum of 1,000 rpm. You must use liquid wool detergent. Always using a laundry net for delicates helps protect the merino wool. Don’t use fabric softener – the panties would no longer be absorbent, and the membrane might moreover become damaged. After use, rinse the panties in cold water. If you want, you can add soap that is suitable for wool (i.e., soap on lanoline or olive oil basis, or Marseille soap). However, we strongly advise against using cosmetic soap, bile soap, or curd soap. Gently knead the panties under your fingers in the crotch area. Don’t rub them! Also, don’t wring them, just squeeze them lightly until they no longer drip. If you follow these steps, the merino layer will remain soft and smooth for many months without pilling. Wash your panties using a 40?C washing program and let them dry inside-out (but not on a radiator or in direct contact with a heated rack). There is no rush; the used panties won’t smell or stain. Simply let them dry, inside-out, after rinsing them by hand. You can then wash them as part of your regular laundry at your convenience. Your panties are again ready to use!

Additional information

Weight 0.15 kg

34, 36, 38, 40, 42, 44


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