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Insight Lentive Shampoo

102.00 AED152.00 AED

Highly skin-friendly formula, to help soothing the irritated skin.

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Products are made with respect towards animal welfare and with materials or ingredients free of animal testing.

OUR INSPIRATION: URBAN NATURE INSIGHT is the line conceived in our laboratories to create a synergistic action between the ancient wisdom of phyto extracts and phyto oils and the ethical choice to work with organic ingredients. Nature, in an urban context, is our source of inspiration. OUR CHOICE: ESSENTIALITY + EFFICACY INSIGHT products are nourishing, rich in protective and at the same time essential active ingredients, in accordance with a healthy choice of purity of the formulas. Innovative, nonconventional formulations that protect hair health and radiance through rigorous selection of the raw materials, at the same time guaranteeing absolute styling perfection and high professional content. OUR MISSION: ECO-SUSTAINABILITY The mission of INSIGHT is eco-sustainability, both environmental and social. Being within the reach of all, offering gentle yet effective green formulas: professional quality at accessible prices. OZONATED WATER Water is the key ingredients for our production, as well as being a vehiculant of the actine ingredients and / or extracts in the product: THST’S WHY WE CHOOSE TO USE OZONATED WATER. Ozone is molecule composed of three oxygen atoms. Thanks to its OXIDATION POWER, it is an effective DISINFECTANT, characterised by a great speed of action against the virus, spores, fungi and many other contaminates. Pet Packaging LIGHTWEIGHT – SAFE – SHATTERPROOF – RECYCLABLE – SUSTAINABLE – VERSATILE PET is the acronym for Polyethylene Terephthalate, a lightweight polyester well known for its durable, transparent and easily manageable properties. These characteristics led us to choose this material for the INSIGHT bottles and jars. Furthermore, PET is part of the thermoplastics family, materials that under the effect of heat are transformed in very viscous liquids and can be easily processed:then, decreasing the temperature, they return in the solid state. Because their structure does not undergo significant modifications, they can be submitted several times to remodelling processes using heat: this speciality of PET makes it fully recyclable. CERTIFICATION Eley has obtained the ISO 9001 (Quality System) and ISO 22716 (GMP – Good manufacturing practice). This certification process has allowed us to increase our ability to meet the needs and expectations of our customers, through a better control of production processes.


Although protected by the hair, sometimes the scalp can appear reddened. There can be many possible causes underlying this condition: incorrect diet choices, skin diseases, allergies or situations of heavy stress. The result can be the thinning and loss of hair and, in general, less healthy looking hair. To eliminate the skin inflammation that causes the redness, it is essential to use suitable products with a soothing, calming function, like those of the insight lenitive shampoo. Simply massage into damp hair and scalp and rinse.

Benefits – moisturising, intensive, calming and rebalancing action for the irritated scalp. Moisturizes the hair, leaving it silky and soft.

Extracts – indian fig extract + organic aloe extract + organic mallow extract.

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Weight 1 kg

400ml, 900ml


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