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Earthistic Organic Cotton Mysore Herbal Dyed Yoga Rug

220.00 AED

  • Ethically made and hand woven by local weavers in India
  • Natural dyes and Ayurvedic herbal extracts only
  • 100% Eco-friendly and biodegradable
  • Toxin free and Vegan friendly
  • Good for the planet, good for you
  • Do not bleach, wash separately as may run color
  • Dry naturally

Made with traditional techniques by a small artisan collective, either completely by hand or with the help of hand-tools and minor mechanical means.

Sustainable Material

Made with at least 50% recycled, upcycled, or downcycled materials, thus helping to reduce textile waste and the consumption of raw materials.

Support Local Communities

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Earthistic is a beautiful collection of eco-friendly, natural and handmade well being and yoga crafts by small community artisans in India. Our ethos is around minimalism and nature, empowering the change one step at a time.


The Earthistic Herbal Dyed Yoga Rug is handwoven with Ayurvedic herbs through a unique process, goodness of nature, using Ayurvedic principles for therapeutic benefits. Natural traditional methods are used to extract the dye colors of Indigo, Turmeric, Tulasi, Annatto, Karungali. These rugs are made with 100% organic cotton yarn, and dyed in a concoction of over 60 Ayurvedic herbs, along with the dominant herb giving the rug its colour.
100% natural, biodegradable, eco-sustainable, toxin free; this rug is made using GOTS Certified cotton.
Earthistic Herbal Dyed Yoga Rug provides superior grip while doing your yoga practice through use of natural rubber and specialized weave design. Washable, foldable, easy to carry.
Some dyes may run color, we trust you will understand this is a natural process, being made of all natural materials. Feel grounded and closer to nature!

Additional information

Weight 1.5 kg
Dimensions 183 x 68 cm


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