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Dog Towel

150.00 AED

Multipurpose Dog Towel/ Robe

For Bath Days, Pool And Beach Days, Rainy Days,

… Any Day Your Dog Is Wet And Needs To Shake It Out.


  • 100% Sustainable Bamboo Cotton.
  • Super Absorbent. Quick Drying. Fits Comfortably.
  • Adjustable Neck Toggle.
  • Easy Snap Buttons For Closure.
  • Handy To Keep In Your Car.
  • Both Dog And Environmentally Friendly.
  • The Ultimate Wet Dog Accessory.


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Products are made with respect towards animal welfare and with materials or ingredients free of animal testing.


Free from animal-derived materials and is made with alternative, innovative solutions instead.

Ethical Production

Products are made in a safe and efficient way that focuses on the health of the creators, including fair compensation for work.

Sustainable Material

Made with at least 50% recycled, upcycled, or downcycled materials, thus helping to reduce textile waste and the consumption of raw materials.

Our pets are extensions of ourselves and our family.

At RORY'S APAWTHECARY, we understand the deep and unconditional love that pet parents have for their furry children, and the trust that pets have in their humans to give them best care in all fronts: food, exercise, play, groom, and sleep.

We believe that if given the choice, pet parents would choose what is best for their pets- just as they would choose what is best for themselves and the rest of their human family. While there are so many natural options for humans, we wondered why the same options are not as widely available for pets?

RORY'S APAWTHECARY was developed out of the desire to create pet care products that are just as good for pets as they are for humans. The standard should not be any different!

With Rory as our inspiration and our forever muse, we created a brand that is safe and non-toxic. Products that actually do GOOD for our beloved furry ones. We work with nature to responsibly make safe and better alternatives to help any dog no matter what they might be going through.



For All Dogs


Plant Based. Totally Natural. Cruelty Free.


To Use:

  • Use On Wet Dog
  • Put Dog Towel On And Adjust Neck Toggle
  • Let Your Dog Shake
  • Massage Head And Ears, Then From Back To Tail
  • Snap Buttons Shut For Tight Fit
  • Remove Once Dog Is Dry
  • Wash After Each Use

*”The Most Affectionate Creature In The World Is A Wet Dog.”- Ambrose Bierce*

Additional information

Weight 0.510 kg
Dimensions 50 x 30 cm

XS, S, M, L, XL


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