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Dafnas Clear Acne Prone Skin Treatment and Repair Serum 30ml

248.00 AED

CLEAR is a natural and vegan serum, designed to help acne-prone skin have clearer skin look, prevent acne breakouts and to reduce skin color and redness derived from acne

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Ethical Production

Products are made in a safe and efficient way that focuses on the health of the creators, including fair compensation for work.

Elluna Organic Beauty aim to offer people the most authentic, sustainable, and environmentally conscious skincare.

Amazinc - Natural and functional skincare, simplicity at its greatest. Gentle on our skin and the planet around us :)

Yage - Exo luxe beauty products with a high level of botanical ingredients. Organic and natural, a sensual experience in skin care.

Dafna - Best in class natural biotechnological skin care, powered by nature, using science and ayurvedic philosophy.


How to Use
For acne breakout: Use twice a day, on the area of the acne. Massage over the skin until it?s fully absorbed. Avoid contact eyes. After there is an improvement and, you can reduce to 1 application a day. For acne-prone skin with no breakout: use as maintenance 3 times a week. – Preferably do not use before sun exposure or apply sun protection.*This is NOT a spot treatment, you can use all over the face, where needed


  • Helps to have a clear- looking skin, and to prevent breakouts from appearing.
  • For mild whiteheads and blackheads, reduce breakouts, diminish redness, and increase skin elasticity.
  • Antioxidant daily environmental protection, plus diminishes discoloration and refines skin tone and texture.
  • Soothes the skin and restores skin comfort.

Skin Type: Any prone skin

Additional information

Weight 0.023 kg
Dimensions 5 x 5 x 11 cm


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