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Dafnas Active Mist Brighten and Refresh Skin and Senses 100ml

191.00 AED

An innovative light active facial mist and toner that combines plants essence and oil concentrations by a pioneer formula-MelaCareTM (dry oil) to actively restore skin natural tone, fight photo- aging signs, while proving hydration, glow and sense of freshness.

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Ethical Production

Products are made in a safe and efficient way that focuses on the health of the creators, including fair compensation for work.

Elluna Organic Beauty aim to offer people the most authentic, sustainable, and environmentally conscious skincare.

Amazinc - Natural and functional skincare, simplicity at its greatest. Gentle on our skin and the planet around us :)

Yage - Exo luxe beauty products with a high level of botanical ingredients. Organic and natural, a sensual experience in skin care.

Dafna - Best in class natural biotechnological skin care, powered by nature, using science and ayurvedic philosophy.


How to Use

  • Mist: Spray lightly over clean face and neck. Breath deeply to fully benefit the fresh 100% natural essential oils aroma that brings a freshness and comfort to the senses and body.
  • Toner: Spray lightly over clean face and neck and removed impurities with a cotton ball. You can also apply on a clean cotton ball and massage over skin.
    Follow with Dafna?s daily or night moisturizer.
  • Can be applied day and night, over make-up or throughout the day for renewing.


  • Fight skin oxidation and photo-aging effect of the sun exposure.
  • Promote balanced skin tone.
  • provide skin hydration and freshness.
  • Regenerate skin cells
  • calm and nourish the skin
  • Figs juice from Greece hydrates and refreshes skin.
  • Biotechnology MelaCareTM highly concentrated oil, made from green plants, inhibits melanin synthesis and gradually improves skin tone while fighting its oxidation. Silica from natural Quartz helps a rapid re-growth of damaged skin.
  • Aroma:Liberating floral scent with splash of fresh orange.

    Note: To keep formula active, you may see some bubbles in its texture.

    Formulated with sensitive skin in mind

Skin Type

normal, sensitive, dry.

Additional information

Weight 0.053 kg
Dimensions 5.5 x 5.5 x 15.5 cm


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