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Classic Oversized Shirt – Black

400.00 AED420.00 AED

Oversized shirt, made of non stretch fabric, 100% Linen.

  1. XS-M Chest: 44 inch, Length: 28 inch
  2. L-XXL Chest : 52 inch, Length : 34 inch

Made in Sri Lanka


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Ethical Production

Products are made in a safe and efficient way that focuses on the health of the creators, including fair compensation for work.

Sustainable Material

Made with at least 50% recycled, upcycled, or downcycled materials, thus helping to reduce textile waste and the consumption of raw materials.

Small batch. Zero waste. Almost everlasting fashion.

Born from the love of living on an island, Ceylon Threads is a slow fashion label founded on the simple premise that our love for beautiful clothing does not have to have a negative impact on our planet. The brand was developed out of a respectful knowledge of nature and a passion for gentle, caring, long-lasting styles, which is true to our character.

We're a slow fashion label that makes pieces that can be added to your wardobe over time. Small capsules for everyday use - day or night. Our designs are created with care to be timeless and attractive, and they are made of high-quality materials to last. We advocate for a methodical approach to shopping. We inspiring conscious consumption and a "buy less, buy better" mindset that emphasizes investing in high-quality & timeless-styled clothing.

Sustainability is a broad concept; manufacturing clothing has an impact on the earth we live in, regardless of what we do or how much we do. While ideal sustainability may seem unreachable, ethical actions offer the route to getting closer. At Ceylon Threads we thrive to embrace in our designs & practices. sustainability.

We are a woman-owned and operated label. By adhering to our fair-trade standards as a company, we cherish every member of our tiny amazing team who works relentlessly behind the scenes, paying them fairly, holding them in high regard, and ensuring a safe, happy, and nurturing working environment. We believe in fostering long-term partnerships that will help to uplift and support our community as it develops.

All our clothing is made out of carefully handpicked linen, which is a 100% biodegradable. Because of its breathability and durability, we are passionate about using this natural fiber, which will keep you cool in summer and warm during the winter. We source our linens from a family run business here in Sri Lanka.

To ensure gradual, zero-waste design cycles that value quality over quantity, we manufacture small batches of collections. From delicate hemlines to durable stitching and quality standards in the smallest details, we go the extra mile to integrate refinement and durability into our production line.
We take pride in reusing all the waste material from our production, ensuring that they never wind up in a landfill. We make zero waste items such as scrunchies, patchwork table mats and other accessories.

We ensure that no plastic is used from the beginning of production until your clothing leaves our doorstep. Everything is plastic-free, including our recycled hang tags, biodegradable shipping bags, and wooden buttons.

We carefully consider issues such as our clients, overheads, and fair compensation for our artisans when determining the prices of our clothing. Depending on the silhouette, each garment involves a variety of manual methods hence more time to create.
We offer you best linens for affordable prices.

As in life, we are far from perfect, but we forge down a continuous avenue of learning and growing - for ourselves, for each other, and for our world. We are a work-in-progress, but are always genuinely well-intentioned.
Our journey has just begun, and we warmly welcome you to join us on it.



If you’re playing with layers this summer or just want more coverage from the sun, say hi to our classic oversized shirt! Long sleeves, hidden buttons, and a playful shirt make this oversized button-up stand out.


Wear it on the beach over your bikini, with shorts and a crop top for a casual look, or dress it up pants, and heels for a night out.


Care Advice:

  • Machine Washable
  • Wash in cold water
  • While washing, do not scour the fabric – instead, lightly rub it.
  • Always line dry your clothes in the shade, inside out.
  • Iron on the backside with a low-heat iron.

Shipping Countries: United Arab Emirates

Additional information

Weight 0.75 kg
Dimensions 26 x 20 x 3 cm



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