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Beauty Sleep Body oil

120.00 AED

Beauty Sleep Oil body oil infused with natural & organic essential oils to aid sleep & recovery 2 oz / 50ml Made by Jules & Nomads

Your sleep remedy, that?s natural, organic and made from the best essential oils to help you sleep, tune out, turn monkey mind off, restore, heal and bounce back the next day!

Apply a few drops to the body. These sensory points are highly recommended – wrists, earlobes, shoulder, neck, soles of the feet, chest area are highly recommended to quickly get the oils into the body and the bloodstream.

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Julie Faye 🧚🏻 Herbalist in training @thescarletsage
founder Beauty Sleep oil 🌵plant based 🌿
Kundalini yoga teacher 🧘‍♀️
IamIcan✨Traveling alchemist


Ingredients; Cold pressed organic almond oil, vitamin e, Peppermint – cool your core temperature and soothe. Basil – banish the blues that sometimes come with tiredness! Rosemary – fatigue fighter! Lavender – derived from a beautiful purple flower to unwind and relax. Coriander seed – Calms the mind. Wintergreen – muscle relaxer! Great for sore muscles. Sleep well, dream big !


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