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Giving back comes naturally when we become aware of what we have received. And that’s why we’d like to start by giving you the bigger picture.

With every grain of soil and every drop of rain, the Earth nourishes all seeds and sustains all living creatures. Nature weaves the fabrics of life and time through the mountains, waters, and trees, connecting us all in one giant tapestry.

As the Earth allows the farmer to grow cotton, the weaver honours that cycle’s balance by creating beautiful environmentally friendly clothing for conscious consumers worldwide.

At WILD FABRIK, we respect every single person and process that supports sustainable production. Our goal is to provide a platform for responsible clothing brands and sustainable retailers to enter and prosper in the online retail market.

Giving Back is Our Duty

Every piece of clothing that we wear and every item that we use carries the stories of those who created them. The skilled work of growers, artisans, and garment workers is empowered by environmental consciousness and the conservation of their cultural heritage.

Sounds like this should be the norm, doesn’t it?

Sadly, in a world of fleeting trends and fads, the fast-fashion industry often exploits skilled workers and systematically abuses the planet we are trying so hard to preserve.

At WILD FABRIK, we link profit and loss to our planet’s health and we aim to give back to growers and artisans for their commitment to Earth.

A little rule we like to go by is that, as humans, we share a collective responsibility towards each other, along with a common duty to protect our environment.

Be The Movement

So why do we give back?

Because our planet has done its part in sustaining us unconditionally.

Because nature-committed artisans and green producers are doing their part in upholding our planet’s harmony.

Because it’s not too late to do our part in supporting them.

How Do We Give Back?

Sustainability is an ongoing quest but becoming conscious consumers, driven by our awareness and concern towards nature’s wellbeing is an excellent start!

By joining forces and working together — farmers, producers, green retailers, and consumers —we can plant the seeds of awareness for an ethical fashion and lifestyle movement that preserves our planet.

We’ve also joined hands with AZRAQ to help them plant more mangroves in Dubai to help the local marine life. Now when you go to check out you have the option of buying some Cora Balls in support of this – not only do they help your clothes last longer, but they reduce the microplastics that make it out of your laundry machine and into the water.

If, (much) later on, you find that you’re no longer loving what you got from us, you can send it right back and we’ll send it to Thrift for Good to help give back to the local community, as well. You’ll get something special and the clothes won’t go to waste. We’re promoting a more circular economy through fashion and it’s a win-win-win situation!

Join our mission and be part of the movement!

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