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Tips to get back into your daily grind after the summer

by Michelle Konov

Are you a summer person? I think a lot of us really enjoy the summer, and the short or long holidays that we can take during this season. The beach, the sea, and the soothing breeze that calms your skin.

For those with children, it might mean more time with your family, more time at home or away on vacation, and just a lot of mayhem. But at the heart of things, this mayhem is made up of hundreds of precious moments.

But somehow summer always finishes so quickly! This year, too, it’s almost over and it’s time to get back to the daily grind. While coming back to reality can be quite daunting for some, we have a few tips that can help keep the end of summer blues away!

the sea, the beach, summer, summer vibes

1.  Make a list (and check it twice!)

Santa Claus isn’t the only one who can make lists! One of my best friends can’t live without checklists. Everything needs to be documented so that she knows she can check it off in the end and isn’t missing anything.

Motivation can come from some of the most interesting places, and the high of checking off that final activity might be a nice boost of serotonin that your body needs after a summer full of it!

checklist, make a list, check it off, back to the grind
time, clock, back to the grind, on time, schedule

2. Block off the time

In her New York Times Bestseller book, The Creative Habit, Twyla Tharp insists that creativity doesn’t magically appear. Creativity is much like focus, in that it needs to be nurtured and pushed at continually.

Blocking off specific times to do specific tasks can make them easier to get to. Your body and your mind know what’s going to come next and will loosen up to accomplish it. But don’t give in and get distracted! The more distractions you open yourself up to, the less you’ll get done and the more irritating the task will feel!

3. Get the appropriate amount of ZZs

It seems like the most repetitive thing in the world to say, but sleep is one of the most important things in life. Getting to sleep early, getting the 7-9 hours of sleep your body needs, and waking up early don’t always work for everyone. Personally, no matter how early I go to sleep, I always find mornings difficult. But, your body will thank you very much for it and will reward you with a better ability to focus on what you need to.

Not only can you focus better, but you can learn better, remember more, and be more insightful with it. When you’re not getting enough sleep, you’ll probably feel a little foggy. That’s because your brain is slowing down. You can be more confused and more wistful. And it becomes really truly difficult to do something that yesterday felt a little bad, but sleep-deprived today feels is a tall mountain to overcome.

sleep, get enough sleep, back to the grind, work
breathe, just breathe, back to the grind

4. Try to take a minute or two to just breathe

A lot of people call this “meditation” and some people might call it “mindfulness” but I like think about it like I’m centering my will to do something. I like to do it first thing in the morning, when I’m panicked because I’m running late, or because 10 million things just popped up on my dash.

And it’s really really easy to do. Close your eyes, slow your breath, and just sit there. You don’t need to clear your mind. You can use the time to sort through what you need to do that day or just revel in some silence. I promise it helps!

5. Connect with nature

When asked, a lot of us at WILD FABRIK will say that we want to connect to our roots and feel like we’re part of nature. Gergana likes to visit home and bask in the fresh air of the mountains. Jenny likes to vacation at a cabin in the woods. And I have a lot of plants that take some tender love and care.

Connecting with nature before you start your day can be a really difficult ask. Where is the time for that? But just one minute–or two, if you can spare them–is enough! Feel your own roots reach out and become grounded – then go about your day with a new sense of calm!

plants, breathe, back to the grind
yoga, prepare, body, exercise

6. Prepare your body in advance

Waking up at a consistent time can go a really long way, especially if you start weeks in advance. Getting your body used to doing what you need it to will make it a lot less difficult on the day!

Also, exercise: it doesn’t need to take a lot of time. You don’t need to start from right now, exactly, but a little bit of exercise is all it takes. 5-10 minutes twice a week is maybe not enough to call it “exercise” but it’s a good way to wake up your body and keep your mind clear and ready for anything.

7. End your vacation a few days before you’re set to get back into it

Give yourself and your mind a bit of a break before you push it to restart your routine. Exciting and fun things are fantastic experiences, but can also be a huge distraction. Allowing yourself time to relish the memories is a great way to unwind and get back to the regular pace of life!

Don’t shock your senses too much – your system needs a break from excitement too!

fun, exciting, summer vibes, summer

How are you starting your day?

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