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Mother’s day is just around the corner in Dubai (in fact, it’s just tomorrow!) and of course we should all take a moment, an hour, a whole day, a whole year – why not – to appreciate our mothers.

But mothers! You need to appreciate yourselves a little bit more too! A little bit of pampering sure does go a long way. And I know it’s hard to find the time between the million and three things you do a day, but taking a couple minutes to just breathe and tell yourself how much you appreciate everything you do is a great start!

Here’re 7 other ways to show yourself a little love, too!

Soak those muscles and relax your mind!

Being keyed into everything all day is draining more than just your body. Your mind gets tired of following along with everything, too.

While a bubble bath might sound a bit extreme, it’s one of the best ways to soothe your soul too! A lot of cultures also tend to shower before they get into the bath. It’s a good way to wash off the dust and dirt that’s collected through the day (and the mysterious itchy areas) before focusing fully on shutting down.

Personally, I like to bring a good book with me into the bath (*and be very very careful with it). Sometimes I’ll have a hot chocolate too! Treat yourself to a day at the spa – at home! Check out our Bath and Body Bundle for an easy start!

Never forget that you are an actual QUEEN.

A lot of the time, when you’re halfway through a hectic morning or finishing off an exhausting day, you might feel grimy and pretty awful. It’s moments like these that really make it hard to feel better – and ones we need to conquer!

Treat yourself like the queen that you are: look in the mirror, put a smile on your face even if you’re not feeling it, and then glam yourself up a bit. Tuck in that shirt, put on a nice pair of earrings or a pretty necklace, change into a pair of pants or a shirt that elevates your look.

And if that grimy feeling continues (+ preferably before you change into clothes), give yourself a nice scrub down. Here’s a kit that can help!

Keep your neck up!

I’m not a mom, but I still have some pretty terrible neck pain. Mine comes from sitting at a computer most days.

When I was little, my mom’s came from having to constantly look down at me and bend over to pick me up… and then I’d pull at her neck because that’s what kids do.

Neck pain can really build up over time, and the stiffer your shoulder area gets, the worse you feel it. A quick and easy fix is a neck pillow. Using one of these (and especially one that’s sustainably made like this one from SAINE) can help you feel a bit of relief on a daily basis.

Happiness doesn’t come from having money (actually they say it comes from cats), but it sure does come from not having any pain lingering even when you’re resting.

Sleep less, rest more

Sleeping well is probably one of the most difficult things for mothers who get woken up by their kids or who might suffer from insomnia from having a lot of bad nights building up.

Losing sleep can also be a semi-choice. We all know it’s important, but sometimes we end up wanting to put it off just a bit more to have at least a tiny bit more me-time. Sometimes we end up watching something and losing track of time. Sometimes we get into a really good book.

Whatever our reasons for sleeplessness, sometimes we need a little bit of help.

Specialized oils like this Beauty Sleep Body Oil from Jules & Nomads are a perfect way to get that… well, beauty sleep!

Wake up refreshed and ready to take the world by storm every single day~

Keep that skin looking & feeling good

Having skin problems can automatically make us all feel a little bit… less. It means we’re not taking care of ourselves enough or maybe not eating well enough. Or maybe it’s stress.

There’s a lot of factors that go into keeping your skin healthy, but we don’t need those kinds of worries to add to the ones we already have!

Still, taking care of your skin can be really simple. Obviously, the first step is washing it, but we definitely want to add a bit more moisture. Skin dries out pretty quickly and washing it adds to that.

Face masks are my go-to, and they leave me feeling super refreshed, soft, and glowing. I follow up with a nice moisturizer too, but the face masks are the best part.

Mine take about 10-20 minutes, which I spend laying in bed and staring at the ceiling to put my thoughts together. After a long, super-busy day – mothers! Get yourselves a good face mask (like these sustainable ones) and just let your mind wander aimlessly.

Give yourself that 10-20 minute break. And hey, you can always stretch that until the face mask dries completely. Nothing wrong with some downtime!

Cuddle up!

Done with your bath from earlier and feeling like the cat that caught the canary? That super relaxed feeling should only continue. Cuddle up in a super soft bathrobe and spend some time with those face masks. Lay down and put your feet up, put on some fuzzy slippers and really take the time to relax.

Personally I’ve had the hardest time finding a good bathrobe. They’re always at least a little scratchy (or made of polyester which immediately frays – depressing) or a little too silky for me.

House Babylon has some of the best bathrobes around and this one’s my favorite. I like the white because it makes me feel clean and refreshed and the fabric is not only soft, but also it’s made sustainably. Best of both worlds.

Anyway, find yourself a bathrobe and continue the pamper!

Now you might be thinking – wow, so all I need is a nightly routine?

Let the pamper continue!

The pampering should never ever stop. Get yourself little gifts to show how much you care for yourself. Put on clothes that make you feel good, even if they’ll be covered with baby vomit later. Washing machines exist for a reason, don’t they?

Wear a pair of shoes that make you feel like a snack. (that’s young person slang for hot)

Get yourself a dainty necklace (like this one, which I’m absolutely in love with) and match it with some cute earrings. Make it so that every time you look in the mirror you unconsciously smile!

Continuing to treat yourself will make you feel a lot healthier and lighter every day.

Chin up, neck up, and feet up!

Now obviously we might not have time for these every day, but even taking a few minutes to recenter yourself at the end of the day can really do a lot. Find yourself in these little moments that you have to yourself and really make the most of your me-time!

It’s pamper time, mothers!

Finding a way to make every day a little happier is our goal in life. Why make it difficult? Treat yourself!

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