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Sweet things to do for him this Valentine’s day

by Michelle Konov

We’re fast approaching V-day and maybe you’ve already gotten a gift for your significant other or maybe you haven’t. But a gift alone isn’t really enough, is it? We want to be able to share how we feel and do something even more special than last year, because one more year is a huge thing in these wild times.

So here are some ideas on how to make this special day even better!

#1 Put down your phone… and computer and TV
plug, plug in, technology

Disconnecting can be one of the most difficult things to do. We’ve all become rather stuck on our phones: our friends, our instagrams, our twitters and facebooks, our favorite youtubers, our favorite twitch streamers, etc etc etc.

Sometimes it’s hard to appreciate what you have in front of you with all of these distractions. Taking one night to unplug yourself from this world and plug back into the world around you with the person you care for is pretty great.

What can we even do without electronics? – you might ask. That’s the journey!

Similar to unplugging and disconnecting from our online lives, taking a walk or a hike really does do a lot!

We’re all cooped up inside because of COVID, but we don’t need to stay here – however much it feels like we do. Going for a hike in a place with not a lot of people, or simply going for a stroll through the woods or the park is an easy way to reconnect with nature… and your partner!

#2 Go for a hike (or a walk!)
walk, autumn walk, sweet things to do
#3 Throwback (Monday)
memories, photos, old photos

Print out some old photos and spend some time reminiscing!

Taking a stroll down memory lane is more fun with two people, and definitely a lot more involved than you think!

Girls, we’re the only ones that ever get flowers!

That’s not to say that guys don’t want them, and I’m sure many would love to get even a small bouquet of flowers as a special gift. To make it even better, you can pick out each individual flower.

Remember, it doesn’t have to be super complicated – simple is, in fact, better!

#4 Get him flowers
bouquet, flowers, flower bouquet, gift
#5 A small message
love you, message, valentine's day, gift

We don’t often share how we feel, and sometimes it really gets swept under the rug. Check in once a day with a phone call or a text message or a little note near the door when they come home to tell them just how you feel!

It’s just a small way to show you care, but it sure goes far!

Music has always brought people together, and if it’s something your partner likes, why not put together a playlist of new songs you think he might like?

This might take a little longer, but it’ll definitely be more appreciated than buying some chocolate at the convenience store (although, who doesn’t like chocolate?).

Plus, he might really discover some new songs!

#6 Make a playlist
music, gift, musical score
#7 Hear me out… breakfast in bed
breakfast in bed, breakfast, gift, valentine's day

When’s the last time someone surprised you with breakfast in bed? I’m sure you felt warm and fuzzy inside – maybe even those little butterflies made an appearance. Waking someone up with some of their favorite breakfast foods is a sweet gesture that also shows you know about them!

But it doesn’t have to be complicated. Even just a simple dish like boiled eggs or a piece of cake (sweet-tooth anyone?) will do the trick! Just make sure to pair with coffee or OJ, whatever they like!

Investing in some sexy lingerie is foolproof. ’nuff said!

Check out the Dawa lingerie sets for a sustainable yet captivating version!

#8 If all else fails…

It can not only be hard to shop for guys, but to find little ways to show how much you care.

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