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20 products that will improve your sleep and make you feel all warm and fuzzy!

by Michelle Konov

Sleep can be a really elusive thing. It likes to run from us and hide from us, especially when we want it. At other times, it’s just there and can steal over you when you least expect it. Sleep is kind of like a cat in that way.

Cats and sleep also have a few other shared traits. They…

  • like soft, comfy things
  • like warm places
  • both come to you when you relax
  • both like to feel safe

So today I’ll be covering 20 different products that can give you the above 4 things, and perhaps you’ll attract a cat along the way, too!

Let's start with some clothes...


We know just how important it is to be comfy, and so does Cucumber Clothing! This beautiful Cami Nightdress will keep you comfortable all night long, and sleeping like a baby!


Why people have started not using bathrobes is a mystery: they’re soft and silky and warm, and every good thing you’ll ever want.

And they’re perfect to relax in after a long day. Especially this blue number from House Babylon!


Socks Apart has a fantastic collection of socks – and they match and don’t in just the right way! They’ll keep you nice and cozy warm during the cooler winter nights. My favorite is these “CHIN CHIN” socks with grapes and wine!


Winter is here (it has, in fact, come) and some nights might be a little on the colder side. An extra blanket helps, of course, but so does a sweater, and this 1977 Unisex Sweatshirt from J&R Artisan Fashion is perfect for the job!


For those extra extra cold days, snuggling up in your boyfriend’s hoodie could work – or you could get your own made from a microplastic-free hemp material that is breathable and keeps you super toasty warm! My choice? The Unisex Hemp Performance Hoodie from Iron Roots!


For the men out there: this summer windbreaker from J&R Artisan Fashion not only feels super soft, it’s lightweight and ethically sourced. Plus, every sale goes towards helping children in need. What more can you ask for?


This next one literally spells it out for you: evening wear! This ribbed merino wool sweater from Luxe + Hardy will honestly make you swoon! Stuuunning!


He-e-ello you beautiful, inky black top! 😍 Comfortable to lounge in, comfortable to nap in, and oh so sleek. Have you seen this Shell Button PJ top from Cucumber Clothing?


Now there’s plenty of clothing in the sea, but this one is extra special. These Keep It Simple wide-leg pants are great for cuddling in in the evening and for going out on the town. That’s what we call (Femme) Fierce!


And how could we forget the Drowsy Dreams Braided Kaftan? Femme Fierce really does make things breathlessly elegant, but incredibly dreamy. This one is good for wrapping yourself in on a chilly evening!


Bamboo socks? Yes, please! The Ido Movement is a brand that makes super-soft thermo-regulating socks that are 100% sustainable.

Now let's talk self-care...


Exfoliating is #1 on my list of things to do in the shower, especially if it’s before I go to bed. It takes away all the dirt lodged in my pores and makes me nice and sleepy, somehow.

These net scrubbers from Shea Global are up to the task in the most sustainable of ways, and they come in a wide range of fabulous colors!


Don’t forget to scrub after you exfoliate – both are mega important for that soft, silky skin you’re going to have before you crawl into some super soft covers!

This Lavender Foaming Body Scrub from Shea Global is just the thing! Lavender has the added benefit of helping to promote calmness and wellness.


After a nice exfoliation and a good ol’ scrub, you’re going to want to soothe your skin and warm it up, which means it’s time for a bath! The Luxe + Hardy Sleep Bath Salts are the perfect ones for the job!


And for that extra dose of magic, a face mask is your way to go. So, we recommend the all-natural detoxifying face mask from Shea Global!


Now you’re fresh out the bath with a face mask still on, and the next step is this Beauty Sleep Body Oil from Jules & Nomads. Infused with natural and organic essential oils, it’s the perfect way to help you sleep and recover!


And of course, while you’re putting this oil on your body, you’re burning this Sleepy Candle from Luxe + Hardy. I mean… it’s in the name, isn’t it?


It comes in a range of deep, beautiful colors. It’s made of Egyptian cotton with a smooth weave and a sleek feel.

On top of that, it’s beautiful and soft and oh so nice to sleep on: The Cairo Collection from House Babylon is a must-have for the sleepy!


Good pillows can make or break your sleep. That’s why we have the Head Back Pillow from House Babylon to make your sleeping experience only the best!


Feeling safe is one of the most important things for sleep to come. Who can’t use a bit more luck and protection? The White Hamsa Marble Hand from Nous & Nola is a nice, traditional way to give you peace of mind!

And a bonus...

It looks a bit like a dream catcher and you can put it together on your own!

Hang this Rainbow Donut DIY from My Backyard Chronicles for a cute touch on your wall or put it on your bedside table to make your sleeping area a little happier.

“Sleep can be really elusive… here’s 20 products that can help”

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