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Finally! Sustainability made easy with WILD FABRIK

by Wild Fabrik

With the much-awaited launch in October 2021, WILD FABRIK has made sustainability accessible, affordable, and fashionable to its customers. Huge Christmas sales have brought eco-friendly products to many around the country, showing that sustainability is the future.

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With the Dubai Expo 2020 going strong, sustainability is at the forefront of everyone’s minds. Many are wondering what they can do to help stop climate change and promote a healthier lifestyle. WILD FABRIK provides easy access to this alternative market and has seen a modicum of success in spreading the word and the love of eco-friendly products that are the future.

To make themselves even more available, WILD FABRIK has opened 10 pop-up shops during the Autumn-Winter season, 2021. On top of that, they will be adding an additional 15 brands in 2021 to provide a wider selection for all.

Hoping continued customer satisfaction with sustainable women’s fashion, menswear, kids’ collections, and home goods leads to further emphasis on minimizing our global footprint, WILD FABRIK plans to carry on with their efforts to inform the people that there are better and easier ways to live.

Featured in The Gaggler and soon to be featured in ELLE magazine for their slow fashion ideals, WILD FABRIK hopes you’ll join the movement too! For inspiring pieces that will help support your love of the planet, please check out wildfabrik-p2.mystagingwebsite.com.

the future is in your hands, future, sustainability

“WILD FABRIK has made sustainability accessible, affordable, and fashionable”

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