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Top 10 ways to be sustainable this year – painless edition!

by Michelle Konov

10. Upcycle or donate

This one’s kind of obvious, but… have some clothes or shoes or jewelry that you’re just not in love with anymore?

Upcycling is the new ‘it’ thing and there are some great things you can make from something that you’re just not into anymore. Here are some ideas that we found super cute!

If you think it’s not salvageable, also good – try donating! My mom likes to give me clothes she no longer wears, and I always take them (grudgingly) and end up finding super cute outfit combinations.

9. Reuse those batteries!

Batteries usually end up in landfills, where they end up leaking and contaminating everything… even if you’re careful with how you dispose of them.

An easy solution (which can even be found at Daiso, if you have one of those near your house) is a battery charger, that can help you reuse those dead, dead batteries.

Not only will you feel loads better about the environment, but it’ll also save you some hard-earned money!

8. Say no to paper towels!

Waste, global warming, deforestation… these all have one small thing in common: paper towels. Simply replacing paper towels with microfiber towels is 1 small step to do for 1 big leap for sustainability!

Sure, you’ll have to wash them later, but reusing helps save trees as well as the very air we breathe (paper towels contribute to growing carbon dioxide levels) should be a good enough excuse to make the change!

7. Be careful what you clean with!

A lot of cleaning products can cause pollution and waste, which just gets stuck in the vents around your house. It’s also produced in a way that uses a lot of plastic.

Using eco-friendly cleaning products isn’t just good for the environment – it’ll save you a lot of hassle at home too! Concentrated products like Tru Earth laundry strips are some of my favorites – plus they have cleaning sprays that are made the same way!

6. Cosmetics, cosmetics, cosmetics

Be smart about your cosmetics. Not only can they be bad for the environment… they can also harm you!

Packaging, of course, is always a problem, and it’s a leading cause of plastic pollution, as well. On top of that, some cosmetic oils like soy, rapeseed, and coconut are wasteful when not sustainably cultivated.

Our newest brand, Upfill, aims to to create natural products that are water and sustainably mindful. Check out how their products can help you too, at WILD FABRIK!

5. The sun is your friend!

Every hour of electric drying will cost you from 24-72 cents (US), depending on your machine. Over a year, that really does add up. Say you do laundry once a week and dry everything you wash, and your machine takes about 50 cents per load: that’s 26 dollars down the drain.

An easy way to cut that down is to simply hang-dry your clothes. It takes a bit longer and your clothes won’t be warm when you take them down, but they’ll be soft, clean, relatively wrinkle-free and, most importantly, still dry. + You’ll be lowering your carbon footprint by about 2400 pounds a year.

4. Eat a little less meat~

You might think big factories are the biggest cause of pollution in the world, and you might be right. But meat and dairy production rank among the world’s biggest sources of pollution.

One person going vegan or reducing their meat/dairy intake may not be enough, but it’s a start! There are some tasty vegan recipes out there if you have the right ingredients.

3. Minimize phantom energy

Phantom energy is the energy your electronics use when they’re not actively being used – creepy, right? This can really stack up your electric bill, but there are ways to reduce it in your home.

For single devices, simply unplugging them could be more than enough to stop the drain, but for devices that pair with others, we recommend an energy-saving surge protector, which will automatically shut down your electronics when you do!

Save on that electric bill and save the environment a bit while you do!

2. Keep a bottle with you!

The average person uses 156 plastic bottles per year, and about 60 million plastic bottles end up landfills every day. At the rate we’re going, the World Economic Forum predicts that the ocean will contain around 937 million tons of plastic and only 895 million tons of fish by 2050.

Bringing your own reusable water bottle not only assures you that you’re helping the environment, but also that it’s clean! Check out H2Go bottles on WILD FABRIK for a bit of pizzazz!

Probably the simplest and easiest of all our recommendations:

Reusable bags are all the rage – and for good reason! Bringing them with you on errands saves anywhere from 100-700 plastic bags from being used and thrown away per year.

Richmond.Works has some cute options for this – check them out at WILD FABRIK!

1. Reuse your bags!

Waste less, save more. What more can we say?

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