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Last-minute Christmas shopping? We know we are!

Sometimes it can be really crazy running around looking for presents everywhere, especially when you have no idea what you want to get someone! It’s the worst feeling to be so rattled and harried.

Don’t worry, we have some good sustainable Christmas gift recommendations for you to help you find the best, most sustainable last-minute Christmas gifts and give you some peace of mind!

For Him

1. The Fiji Linen Shirt from Panareha is an effortless summer look (because it won’t be winter forever!!). Get your guy a sense of style with this shirt that fits like a dream!



2. Even guys can have cheat days from going to the gym… tell him it’s OK to have a cupcake instead of lifting – or go lifting instead of getting that cupcake! These Cheat Days socks from Socks Apart are your choice for quirky but stylish~


3. For the more business gentlemen, Albie by Richmond Works is a card-holder that looks great and feels great to have!



1. The Pumali Cushion by Island People is soft, luxurious, and comes with a story. Women love all of those things, so this should be a good choice for keeping them comfy and warm all winter! (Get it before it’s gone!)


2. For a pop of color, a dash of style, and a whole lot of comfy, swishy movements: the Birdie Palazzo Pants from Vinosupraja are a good bet for a gift!


3. We all need to relax a bit and the Sleepy Candle from Luxe + Hardy is an easy way to do that. (Hint: get it with the Sleepy Bath Salts for the ultimate gift!)



1. It might be a little on the nose, but these Birds and Open Cages from Socks Apart are a great symbol for independence and freedom. They’re also super comfy and totally fun!


2. Classy, sophisticated, and yet a little delicate. The perfect PJs don’t exi– (they’re right here: Shell Button PJ Top in Black from Cucumber Clothing)


3. We’ve had our eye on these shoes since they launched, but check out the Saint Unisex Shoes by J&R Artisan Fashion because they are KILLER.



1. Who doesn’t love a good wine? The Chin Chin socks from Socks Apart will make giving socks perfectly acceptable again! (And they’re super wallet-friendly, too!)


2. Give your coworker or friend a friendly reminder that drinking water is still important, even in winter with A Drop of Blue Reusable Water Bottle from H2GO!


3. We all have that one coworker that refuses to wear face masks. Maybe a gentle push would help them? This Set of 4 Organic Cotton Face Masks from Vinosupraja (while not medical) is stylish enough they just might wear them!



Kids are usually super easy to shop for, but never sustainably. So here are some good sustainable recommendations:

1. Kids need water just like the rest of us, and the Lady Cedar Tree Reusable Water Bottle from H2GO is a great reminder for them, along with being unbearably cute!


2. What kind of kid isn’t adventurous? Get them their own (sustainable) Bow and Arrow set from My Backyard Chronicles! Make a makeshift target and you’re all ready to leave them to it for a couple hours. Phew, that’s a weight off your shoulders.


3. When I was a kid, all I wanted was to be an astronaut… and I didn’t have this handy DIY astronaut costume set from My Backyard Chronicles, which is really upsetting. But your kid can have this chance. Plus, you get the added benefit of spending time with them to make it!



Now, we don’t want to use regular wrapping paper to wrap these all up, because then what would be the point of buying sustainable gifts?

I like to reuse the bags I get from gifts, but if you don’t have any of those, might we recommend:

1. This Hand-Painted Christmas Tote from Richmond Works is an absolute beauty! It speaks for itself!


2. A little more affordably, the Christmas Gift Wrap – Reindeer edition from Mr. Bluefish is everything Christmas should be~


3. If that’s a little too colorful for you, there’s always the more subtle Christmas Gift Wrap – Reversible Red and White Linen from Mr. Bluefish!


Shipping’s quick but you don’t want to wait too long – so get your gifts before you run out of time! (yikes!)
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