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For many people, shopping is an experience that can be quite enjoyable and, when out with friends, an experience. For others, shopping can be a little more on the negative side of things. Either:

  1. I want to enjoy it, but can’t find what I want. The styles are just not what I’m looking for, or everything I try on in the store fits me just this side of strange.
  2. I just want to get it over and done with and find something quickly.
  3. Shop assistants are always following me around and I don’t like it.

While we really can’t do a lot about #3, there are a lot of great local shops in Dubai that might provide something a little less… commercial.

So here are 4 places where you can do some shopping locally and sustainably in Dubai:

The Ripe Market Is Back! | In The Uae | Ahlanlive

1. Ripe Market

A female-owned marketplace, Ripe Market is a great place to get an interesting new knickknack, a nice comfortable shirt, or a pillow that you’ll treasure even years down the line. It’s a place for up-and-coming artisans, makers, and entrepreneurs to show off their really cool gear, and also has tasty food options that are fresh and delicious!

This month (and until May 2022) you’ll find them opposite Mall of the Emirates every weekend from 9AM to 7PM.

Dubai Flea Market, Dubai, flea market, secondhand

2. Dubai Flea Market

What’s more sustainable than getting goods secondhand? The Dubai Flea Market flits around the city, and you can find their next location on their website. You’ll find anything and everything at these events and at really reasonable rates, too!


Dragonmart, Dubai, UAE, shopping center

3. Dragonmart

Now, I’m sure all Dubai residents have heard of Dragonmart before, but if you haven’t, let us introduce it! It’s a huge shopping area with many many different types of things. Want to do cosplay? You can find foam here, and all the tools you need, including rotary and heat guns. Looking to find some new stools for your kitchen? Dragonmart. Need to fix up the electricals in your home? Yes. Cheap clothes? You bet. A great place to stop and shop all day!


WILD FABRIK, wild, ecommerce, website


Now, we’d be remiss to leave ourselves out, because we’re one of the easiest options in Dubai: all online! You can look through our catalogue and KNOW that we’re sustainable and that the clothes, home goods, and toys that we sell are fair trade and eco-friendly. Why not check out our newest collection?

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