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So, here’s the thing. We all love a great holiday and for the past eighteen months we have made do with a combination of park picnics, garden living and staycations with little need to address packing a bag.  With travel horizons opening up again, those of us born with the packing gene are raring to go and others of us (😳) are feeling the strain of long unused skills – or lack thereof!

Faced with the prospect of a long weekend away somewhere delicious, those of us genetically unable to take less than our entire wardrobe of ‘essential’ pieces away with us – plus a dozen pairs of shoes – feel a sense of despair rising.



Never fear, reader, with much of the world being our (travel) oyster again, this one’s for you.

Cucumber Clothing has gone all out to help, so you can still look fabulous and have enough shoes for each outfit. Read on to find out the modern way to pack.

Step one

Start with a small suitcase. Tempting though it may be to dust off the giant suitcase in the loft, not only will it be hell to get in and out of a cab, it’s definitely not good for your back. Go for a neat little case with plenty of storage pockets, good wheels, and – if you can bear it – small enough to take as carry on.

Step two

Next, the key to getting it all in is MULTITASKING. Make sure that everything you pack works double, triple and quadruple time while you are away.

You’ll want a yummy bar of body/hair soap that can also do a quick bit of laundry on the fly.

Some gorgeous face/hair/body oil that sees to all your after sun and moisturizing needs as well as making you smell wonderful – no need to pack a perfume.

scrub, body scrub, natural, vegan

Step three

Now onto the main event: clothing. We all have favourites that wait patiently in the cupboard to be taken away to sunnier climes for an outing. Wafty silk caftans, fabulous sarongs and denim shorts ripped just so. How to choose? Make it easy by taking a multitasking foundation of clothing and adding in the special bits that sing of summer.

Our foundation must-haves are all Cucumber Clothing of course. Why, you may ask?  Simple.

Cucumber’s quick dry, performance fabrics feel luxuriously soft on and require minimal care.


cucumber clothing, green shirt, comfortable shirt

They wick moisture away at speed, keeping you looking and feeling cool. They do not retain sweat and odours, so regular washing is a thing of the past. If you must, simply rinse them out (or use that soap bar) in the hotel basin and hang them to dry – which they will in a jiffy. They are the perfect multifunctional pieces to pack for a getaway.

Cucumber Clothing cools you down when you are hot.

You’ll want to wear our Cashmere mix dress to travel in. Super soft, you can throw it over leggings or a pair of jeans on your way to the airport when you might need that extra layer.  When you arrive, bare your legs (the side slits show just the right amount), put your sunnies on and you’re ready to go.

Once there, our shirred track pants and ribbon tie top are our favourite day in/day out pieces to mix and match. The track pants look great with everything from a pretty tee to a bikini top after a swim in the sea. Even if your skin is damp, you’ll soon feel dry with our fabric’s famed wicking powers.

But there’s more…

Wandering down to the local market, or looking for a piece to take you from poolside to dinner under the stars, then to bed? Our Ruffle dress is The One. We think you’ll fall in love with the way it looks on you and the way it works just as well barefoot on the sand, as with strappy platform wedges and a glass of bubbly in your hand. Try it with a wide belt for a change, and feel free to collapse into bed with it on.

A key multitasker is our strappy top (with or without built-in bra shelf) that works as the perfect layer just in case the weather has an off day, or on its own with a pretty tiered skirt, sarong or cropped trouser.

We also love our drawstring shorts. Cut slightly longer at the back than the front (you’re welcome) with a nice wide elasticated waistband at the back and adjustable drawstring at the front, these are super versatile. Pair them with a swimsuit for a beach picnic, or wear them for a lie down in the sun. Or, try matching them with an oversized linen shirt knotted at the hip.


Just that extra bit goes a long way

Our anti-crease fabrics will come to no harm rolled up inside your case, and it’s doubtful you’ll need to wash any of them since they have a unique built-in anti-odour technology. And don’t worry if a bit of food finds it way onto your top: just wash or spot wash with your soap bar and hang in the shower to dry. With Cucumber’s famous wicking properties, your outfit will be dry in no time – and no need for an iron either!

Add into these your own must-haves, some fab sunnies, a few scarves that can double as wraps and no more than three pairs of shoes (okay, four, or five, if they are really flat).

It’s the modern way to pack – getaway sorted.
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