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Human Design: Uncovering Your Soul’s Purpose


I’ve always been on this quest for self-discovery, constantly looking for different tools that could help me peer a little bit deeper into myself. It started with astrology when I was younger. I was obsessed with trying to figure out what traits make the quintessential Sagittarius and whether or not I have said traits. As I grew older, Myers-Briggs took centre stage. I remember taking the test and being a little surprised by the results. I ended up taking the test 2 more times over the course of 4 years and every single time I got a different result. Suffice to say, people change and nothing is set in stone when it comes to character. I do still believe that. I believe we have free reign over ourselves and our personalities, and we get to decide what we want to be every day, but there are certain things that are more fixed. At least that’s what I discovered when I discovered Human Design.

I like to think that Human Design found it’s way to me. I had read an Instagram post about it once and it piqued my interest but the lack of available information had me move on fairly quickly. As fate would have it, a few months later, I was reading an article about LA-based influencers and the piece made mention of Jenna Zoe, a Human Design reader. There it was again, “Human Design”. It didn’t go into much detail but it had a brief explanation on Human Design, one that wasn’t in any of my research before. It read, quoting Jenna Zoe, “Human Design is the contract your soul makes with the universe about who you came to be, what you came to do and what karma you came to correct this lifetime around.” That one sentence and I was hooked. Even better than that, I had a resource and off I went into a totally new world.

To say I became obsessed would be an understatement. I asked every single person for their birth date, time and place. I listened to every single podcast by Jenna Zoe, I read every free resource I could find online, watched every interview. I had finally found something that took my quest for self-discovery into a whole new plane, one that wasn’t just about personality traits, but about my aura, my energetic field, my way of operating, my reason for existing in the world. I am still discovering and uncovering the many, many layers of human design and I probably will be for a long time but I have a base for understanding myself and understanding others that has forever shaped how I move through the world.

So What Is Human Design Exactly?

Human Design combines multiple systems into one. It brings together Astrology, The Chinese I Ching and Kabbalah but it is ultimately its own unique system. It is your guidebook on how to live your life and how to exchange energy with the world around you. With your exact birth information, you get a blueprint entirely specific to you full of insights & practical information about who you came here to be, what you came here to do, your health, and routines to help you connect with your most authentic self.

At its most basic level, Human Design is made up of energy types that are based on your aura. At it’s most complicated, it is a map of energy centres and gates that map out your gifts and your life’s purpose. It can be as simple and as complicated as you want it to be depending on where you start. We will be going through all the different elements as we move through this journey together but the one takeaway of all this for me is that every single person on this planet is uniquely different.

You have been put on this planet with gifts specific to you to help you fulfill a purpose that only you can fulfill. What works for you doesn’t necessarily work for someone else and, even better than that, what works for you is so divinely right for you that doing what feels right to you can help you access your gifts even better. There is so much more to it but to start, all you need to know is you are who you are because that is who the universe needs you to be. Who that is exactly, we will uncover as we move through this Human Design Experiment together.

Zaina Nasser

A marketeer by profession, Zaina has spent her career building her understanding of humans and how to sell to them with the hopes of one day selling more than her marketing expertise but rather her life experience. Talented with words, writing has always been a side hobby with many pieces hidden in her notes app read only by those close to her. Zaina is now working on co-creating with the universe a life where writing can be more than just a hobby.

I believe we have free reign over ourselves and our personalities

– Zaina Nasser

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