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Does Sustainable Fashion Equal High Quality?


Does the term ‘eco clothing’ conjure up an image of grotty hippies in rainbow kaftans for you?

Well, good news ⁠— it doesn’t have to anymore!

Haven’t you heard? Ethical is the new posh!

More and more high-end designers are creating luxury sustainable fashion with fabrics and manufacturing processes that are friendlier to the environment.

When done the right way, fashion can be fun, expressive, and creative. But when done wrong, it can be exploitative, polluting, and extremely wasteful.

Clothing is ingrained in our day-to-day life, and in the 21st century, being eco-conscious is at the forefront of everybody’s mind.

But, with more and more companies offering eco-friendly apparel, the question we all want to ask is, does it equal high quality?

Firstly, What Does Sustainable Fashion Actually Entail?

Sustainable fashion is all about producing clothes while being mindful of different environmental and social factors that affect the industry.

There are a huge number of ways for a brand to be responsible, whether it is by ensuring fair trade practices are in place, using recycled materials, or reselling used clothes.

Nowadays, innovative solutions allow companies to craft sustainable garments that take less of a toll on the planet, the communities involved in the production, and animal welfare.

And now more than ever, it is paramount that fashion labels are doing at least one of these things.

‘Fast Fashion’, as we know it, has been and still is, the biggest polluter of the industry. Driven by insatiable consumer desires, fast fashion creates clothing that follows trends and is aptly named due to how quickly those trends change.

To keep up with the latest fads, many clothing companies are using the cheapest, quickest way to get their clothes on the market.

This means using low-quality materials and methods for producing items that are not designed to last — so you have to hit the store again shortly after your last purchase!

So How Do We Find Clothes That Are Kind To Our Desires And Kind To The Planet?

Enter ‘Sustainable Fashion!’

Sustainable fashion is quite literally the opposite of fast fashion. It is very similar and follows the same values as ethical or slow fashion, but focuses more on the process of creating garments and the life span of a product before it reaches a landfill.

This means carefully choosing sustainable materials and making sure the pieces are made with eco-friendly, fairtrade, and ethical practices in place.

Simply put, it avoids all things fast fashion does, taking time to create clothing that lasts.

Responsible clothing brands create clothes using a mindful manufacturing system and choosing biodegradable natural fabrics like hemp, linen, or organic cotton, instead of polyester and nylon.

There’s also been an exciting breakthrough with synthetic eco-fabrics in the last few years. Dissolved wood pulp has been made into lyocell, and pineapple leaf fibres are used to create vegan leather.

Not only are such fabrics more environmentally friendly, but they also come with tons of additional bonuses, like hypoallergenic benefits, moisture absorption, breathability, and durability.

Quality Is In The Details

Buying sustainably generally does equal quality. It takes much longer to craft a sustainably made garment than something produced by a machine. And that is a universal concept when it comes to producing quality clothing that’s made to last.

Each stitch hand-woven, each fabric carefully selected, each design perfectly thought out. There is pride in sustainable clothing.

Eco-friendly clothes are not the easiest to create. You can’t just make a t-shirt from hemp and slap a sustainable label on it. There is an entire chain of events in making a piece of clothing genuinely sustainable.

And it is precisely that amount of detail and attention put into every piece that automatically improves its quality, combining eco-values with a luxury product.

Sustainability Is About Playing The Long Game!

We know what you’re thinking. Sustainable fashion can often come with a hefty price tag.

BUT, on the other hand, conscious clothing can actually be considered very cheap.

Think of it this way. If you spend a little more on a sustainable coat, created using all the necessary eco-friendly and ethical steps, its quality will be so much greater than one you pick up from a high street chain that doesn’t care.

Organic and higher-quality fabrics are also much easier to maintain than cheap, mass-produced materials. We’ve all shrunk a sweater once in a while, haven’t we?

No one should struggle to keep their clothes alive, but sustainable fashion certainly makes it easier to increase your wardrobe’s lifespan.

Therefore, you end up with a quality coat that lasts for decades rather than having to replace it every winter — cha-ching — cost saving!

You also support environmental integrity, which makes you feel like a better person — priceless!

Designed For Style. Loved For Uniqueness.

There’s another reason you are more likely to keep your sustainable clothes for longer — their timeless elegance and classic style.

Eco-conscious brands are opting for ageless designs that will complement your look today, tomorrow, and for years to come. Because trends fade, but style is forever!

But the beauty of sustainable clothes is also in that they’re not mass-made. There aren’t thousands of them being thrown out to all different stores.

Ever walked down the street or turned up to a party and got that sinking thought — “Oh no, that person is wearing the same thing as me!”

We all know that awkward feeling!

That’s the thing about slow, sustainable, and ethical fashion — the clothes are unique. Even down to the stitching, each garment is produced individually and in small amounts to make each piece truly special.

So, you’re much less likely to walk down the street and see someone else in your sustainable, ethically sourced, slowly made coat!

So, Does Sustainable Fashion Equal Quality Fashion?

Of course, it does.

Whether you want a garment to last for decades, still in style, you want to know the person who made your clothes lives a quality life, or you want to reduce your carbon footprint and be more environmentally conscious, eco clothing can be a complete game changer!

Buying sustainable luxury fashion will revolutionise the way you shop.

You can develop your capsule wardrobe with well-made pieces instead of buffeting through seasons of change. You can create a signature style that will weather fast fashion trends.

We roar for action but don’t always know how to implement it. Start with the little things. Research the brands you’re shopping with and make more mindful choices.

You’ll get the immediate positive hit of emotion, knowing you’re not contributing to the destructive fast fashion industry.

You’ll also be contributing to a new wave of consciousness by increasing the demand for sustainable options to be more readily available.

And no, that certainly does not mean you have to miss out on quality!

Wild Fabrik

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In the 21st century, being eco-conscious is at the forefront of everybody’s mind

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