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Six Slow Fashion Brands In The UAE That Are Doing It Right


If you are a conscious shopper, well, you must be delighted about the growing number of UAE fashion brands that marry environmental integrity with style.

But surely, being a true eco trendsetter, the term slow fashion must have caught your eye lately.

So, first things first, what exactly is it?

In short, slow fashion is the mindful counter-reaction to fast fashion.

While slow, ethical, and sustainable fashion are sister movements redefining our relationship to clothes, slow fashion focuses specifically on reducing excessive production and mindless consumption.

The movement encourages a holistic approach towards the resources and processes involved in clothes production and unites ethics with sustainability.

It advocates for better shopping habits by inviting consumers to invest in higher-quality garments that last longer and values the fair treatment of people, animals, and the planet.

The end goal? Creating a slow-paced fashion industry that leaves a lighter environmental footprint, promotes fair labour conditions, and protects animal rights.

Now that we’ve tackled the terminology, let’s talk facts!

Sure, clothing lines that promote slow fashion can be a bit costly, but here are four powerful reasons why exploring this trend is well worth the upfront investment in your wardrobe:

  • It’s good for the planet.

Why? Most slow fashion brands are creating their products from materials that don’t harm the environment.

From the use of natural and biodegradable fibres to the ethical sourcing of supplies and groundbreaking innovations like vegan-made leather, slow production is by definition more eco-friendly.

It’s good for your community.

Since garments are usually locally sourced, made, and sold, slow fashion involves local artisans and preserves traditional craftsmanship.These garments are usually sold in smaller shops rather than big chain enterprises, supporting the local workforce and businesses.

It’s good for your wallet.

Intricate patterns, organic materials, and design innovation may somewhat jack up the price per piece, but not necessarily per wear.With exceptional quality and timeless style on its side, slow fashion promotes longevity of wear for decades of iconic elegance!

It’s good for your look.

Slow fashion brands release collections with unique designs twice or three times per year, preventing the ‘oh no, she’s wearing the same dress I am’ situation ⁠— we’ve all been there!In a world where imitation is rampant, why not become a trendsetter by being among the first to embrace this planet-loving fashion movement?

Without further ado, let’s explore the best slow fashion brands born in the golden sands of the UAE:

1. Dgrade

A unique Dubai-based brand, Dgrade creates its customised pieces from recycled bottles.

How? Well, we’re glad you asked!

Collected plastic bottles are washed, shredded, and melted into fibres. Then they are spun into the brand’s trademarked Greenspun yarn and used to create a wide range of fabrics and apparel. Yet further proof that waste is a design flaw!

To top that, garments from the yarn can be made UV and bacteria-resistant, waterproof or fire retardant. Each stage of the manufacturing process is environmentally certified, as well as socially and ethically audited.

2. Sadeem


Did someone say Pret-a-Couture?

SADEEM is a high-end slow fashion line by Saudi designer Aljawharah (Sadeem) Alshehail, aiming to make “luxury ethical”.

This eco-conscious brand is dedicated to ethical and sustainable practices while creating nonseasonal and sophisticated attire of long-lasting quality that can be worn at various social events.

The materials used in the production are non-toxic and sourced from companies that share the same principles on environmental sustainability.

The brand’s vision is to provide fashion with a positive social and environmental impact without compromising on style.

3. Florence Owens


A conscious brand that represents fashionistas of all ages? Yes, please!

The Florence Owens sustainable beach and apres-beach clothing line is a creation under Studio K. It was envisioned and launched during the pandemic by visual creator Kristin Nystrom, catering to conscious fashionistas of any age looking for relaxed and timeless beachwear.

With strong ecological and ethical principles in place, the brand fights against mass production and waste by ensuring that each collection is created in limited editions and crafted using recycled and eco-friendly fabrics.

The muted colours suitable for turning a beach look into an elegant dinner outfit in a snap is its signature trait.

4. Kaleidoscope By Mimi


When it comes to preserving traditional arts, Kaleidoscope by Mimi is perfectly toeing the line.

This slow fashion brand partners with artisan cooperatives and NGOs from around the world to create its glam-boho collections.

Vibrant colours, daring patterns, and time-hallowed textile art are carefully put together to create stunning, carefree, and comfortable pieces for everyday wear.

The brand promotes ethical manufacturing and social responsibility as it sources raw materials from the communities that handcraft them. Giving back to the artisans and their families is its core value and ongoing commitment.

5. Abadia


An ethical luxury brand co-founded by visionary fempreneur Shahd Al Shehail, Abadia combines modest fashion and femininity.

This fashion line supports traditional craftsmanship by working with over 40 female artisans to create timeless, handcrafted pieces with beautiful embroidery and modern touches.

The label ensures that their workforce is paid a living income and promotes sustainability with a mindful approach towards their fabrics and manufacturing processes.

And did we mention that it’s worn by the likes of Queen Rania of Jordan?

6. Vino Supraja


Ah, we saved the best for last!

When it comes to ethical, slow, and sustainable fashion, Vino Supraja simply ticks all boxes!

Established by a brilliant designer and sustainability advocate, the brand has gained awards and recognition in fashion circles worldwide.

It works with a small community of weavers and tailors in India, whose working conditions, wages, and rights are regularly checked by Vino herself, who makes frequent visits to ensure her standards are met.

There is no mass production, and the use of organic textiles, dyes, and pigments is GOTS-certified. The brand also has anti-waste policies, by reducing, recycling, or donating their textile scraps.

With its “30 Wears Rule” incentive it even encourages customers to return their purchases after wearing 30 times, and the company takes care of the recycling. Single-use plastic is also avoided, as its packaging is paper-based and biodegradable.

Add to that an explosion of colours, unique designs, and timeless elegance, and you get an impeccable look that is as people — and eco-friendly — as it gets!

And There You Have It!

A selection of UAE fashion brands who promote slow fashion, and also offer exceptional attire that is sure to win you the award of “best dressed” on your next outing.

So if you want to level up your style AND save the planet, why not start with your wardrobe first?
It’ll be like feeding two birds with one seed!

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Slow fashion is the mindful counter-reaction to fast fashion.

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