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Modest Yet Modern: Six Simple Fashion Trends For Summer 2021


Summer is right around the corner — hooray!

It’s the time of year for vacays, relaxation, and fashion displays. We don’t know about you, but we’re definitely ready for sun-kissed skin and simple fashion additions to elevate our looks and moods to sunny bliss.

Naysayers will argue it can’t be done, but modest fashion has come a long way to blend into the crowd. Many global brands and retailers have endorsed modest fashion, creating collections that don’t compromise on the latest style and colour trends.

So what trends should you be checking for this season to bring out the perky fashionista in you?

Well, there are plenty of fun ones to explore if you’re ready to level up your style game.

This year, comfort has become an essential part of our fashion choices. It seems to have trickled down from the endless hours of wearing sweatpants and loungewear around the house in 2020. But honestly, do we mind? Everyone loves a touch of comfort here and there!

Summer is ours again. And we should definitely spend it wearing our best looks while taking tons of fantastic selfies! It’s time we embraced the freedom of chilled out vacays while sporting our best modest yet modern statement pieces.

As you gear up to explore all the season has planned for you, you should definitely try some of the latest fashion looks to spruce up your seasonal, modest outfit game.

Read on to discover our selection of 2021 simple fashion trends in the UAE.

1. Volumise Your Wardrobe

Yes, you heard that right. Volumise your wardrobe. And we don’t mean purchasing loads of apparel, of course. Clothing with a voluminous fit has re-entered the chat and is totally back in style.

Baggy jeans, oversized blouses, and flowy dresses are all the buzz in fashion this year.

Loose-fitting clothing gives you the freedom to feel covered and relaxed while looking modern and stylish at the same time.

A total win-win!

2. Add A Dash Of Denim

Who doesn’t love a good pair of denim jeans — or denim anything?

Luckily, the fabric is still in season (when is it not, really?). You can dress up literally any outfit by adding denim to your looks. And with several new sustainable denim options, it is definitely a must do this summer!

Transform your casual get-ups with wide-leg bottom jeans to give your simplicity a little edge.

With denim as your sidekick, there are tons of creative ways you can jazz up your attire to make it look more fun and swanky.

3. Two-mile Wear

This trend takes comfortable living to the next level!

Last year, One Mile Wear was the talk of the fashion interwebs. Since we couldn’t go out much, most people dressed in a relaxed manner to travel small distances from home — just about a mile.

But now it’s all about two miles. Yes, we got an extra mile to dress for!

Two Mile Wear focuses on polarities, like adding a touch of chic to comfy. The loungewear look has finally gone up a notch in the fashion world, and nobody can give it the thumbs down.

Now you can pair joggers with heels or layer a long hoodie on top of loose-fitted trousers without any remorse.

Comfort is the best outfit after all!

4. Take A Chance On Reactive Fashion

If you’ve never heard of reactive apparel, you’re most definitely not alone.

It’s a newcomer in the fashion world that adds pretty interesting benefits to your typical wear.

From self-cooling gowns to battery-powered blazers, reactive fashion is making its way into the spotlight with wearable tech.

This trend lends mostly to activewear and is perfect for fitness junkies. Whether it is with materials that become more breathable when they sense sweat or with embedded sensors to help track and perfect your body movements — fashion has gone high-tech! 

So, when you go for a run or do your favourite workout this season, take a chance on reactive wear. It will keep you cool on crazy hot summer days and help improve your performance.

Like, who could’ve known blending fashion and technology would be so sweet?

5. Incorporate Minimalism

Simple ensembles, like comfy knitwear sets, are growing in popularity.

These budget-friendly get-ups deliver an effortless spin to contemporary fashion statements and can easily be dressed up or down depending on the occasion.

Minimal effort required! You simply pair a matching set with a timeless signature piece, like a flashy belt, to accessorise or personalise your look.

No more combining several different pieces to make a bold fashion masterpiece. Now you can spend less time on putting outfits together and more time on other things — you know, like perfecting your makeup!

At least, we’re trying, right?

6. Splash Your Closet With A Dose Of Mellow Yellow

This season, let the colour of the sun reflect your statement pieces.

Mellow yellows are in! Although yellow can be vibrant, it can also be toned down to fit any style.

You can start small by adding a splash of this lovely shade with a colour-blocked purse or a pair of sunglasses. Or you can showcase the hue and your personality by wearing a light yellow abaya when out in town.

Whatever the mood, adding yellow to your ensembles will always make you shine a little brighter!

Comfort and simplicity have truly redefined fashion this year. We can see these influences sewn throughout this season’s most popular attire and fresh fashion twists. It’s all about the mood factor with a touch of chic, modest, and cosy.

So, when you’re laying out your killer modest outfits this summer, try some of these simple fashion trends to add a little modern flair to your look.

Wild Fabrik

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Modest fashion has come a long way to blend into the crowd

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