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Our Sustainable Promise

To say that we are nature lovers at WILD FABRIK would be an understatement. Our love for the environment and focus on sustainability is at the heart of everything we do. Through our holistic business, we’re doing our bit to create meaningful and lasting change for the sake of our planet and future generations.

We are a wild eCo destination where mindful consumers can connect with sustainable retailers and conscious clothing brands: women’s fashion, men’s fashion, accessories, and even home goods. Whether it is green fashion or fair trade products, we offer environmentally friendly solutions that inspire a back-to-basics, more natural, and ethical way of living.

Although 100% sustainability in fashion, self-care and luxury goods remains an ambition, we’ve made it our mission to support you in making more ethical choices that matter to you. That’s why we created our rating system to help you find products that meet your specific green goals and needs, whether it’s fashion or homeware.

We’re in the business of saving our WILDly beautiful planet, one ethical FABRIK at a time. Join us in our sustainability journey as we turn this promise into measurable actions!